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Control Charts Gcse Statistics Coursework

Hi all,we've started our plans for the coursework but unfourtanetly here in london we are on holidays.Due to this my teacher has asked our class to do research for our hypothesis and data collection and work out the basics e.g. mean,median and mode.

My two hypothesises are:

Age affects the price of asecond hand car.I think that has a 2nd hand car gets older the price of the car will be cheaper.

The make of a second hand car affects the price.I think a BMW will cost less than a Mercedes-Benz.

We ate told to use the webiste

I'm going to use:
Spearmans Rank
Systematic Sampling
Standard Deviation
Box Plots and Outliers(if i find any)
Cumilative Frequency
Scatter Diagrams
Grouped Frequency Tables
Pie Charts(if applicable)

The problem is that now I have no idea how to go about my research.I need 60 pieces of data-i cant pick the first 60 (too obvious).How would you suggest I procceed with my work.I cant ask my teacher for help otherwise I could possibly lose marks,my classmates dont really know either.

I need help urgently!
Thanks All

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